The lab went curling!! Truman “Coach” Dunkley got us sliding some stones in no time. Check out the photos on the website. This is definitely a new annual tradition… any CCIB labs want to challenge us next year??

LipidMAPS Blog- Lipid of the year candidate

The folks at LIPID MAPS gave ceramide phosphoglycerate a shout out!   I have new candidates for novel lipid structures of the year to date – ceramide phosphoglycerate and diphosphoglycerate from genetically modified, Gram-negative bacteria, deficient in lipid A (Zik, J.J. et al. Caulobacter lipid A is conditionally dispensable in the absence of fur and … Continue reading LipidMAPS Blog- Lipid of the year candidate

New grant to study bacterial sphingolipids

The Klein and Brannigan labs (RUC-Physics) were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study the synthesis and physiological functions of bacterial sphingolipids. This work will entail a combination of experiemental methods and Molecular Dynamics simulation.